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Chocolate Bar



  • You can buy one at the shop (cost: 800 candies)
  • You can find one in the The Cave
  • You can encounter a room in The Cave which shows a map on the ground. If you click the spot where the 'X' is on the world map, you can dig to get 3 chocolate bars.
  • You can also get one by throwing 1630 candies on the ground
  • You get 3 for answering the squirrel's questions.
  • You find 4 in The Hole (Bottom chest)



If you text save, copy the text, refresh the page, and text load, the 4 chocolate bars associated with The Cave entrance can be acquired again, allowing you to get potentially infinite chocolate bars. (Of course, if you were going to do that, you can just type in true or false to give yourself anything or give your self many chocolate bars.)

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