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Potions play a big role in Candy Box 2, the same as they did in the previous game, Candy Box 1. You can brew potions by accessing CLDR in the top menu after buying the Sorceress's Cauldron for 100.000 lollipops.

Each potion has a different effect and by default they have a global cooldown of 9 seconds. There are 2 ways to “buff” potions:

Object Effect
Pains au chocolat -15% Cooldown for each “More Magic” buff.
Sorceress' Hat The hat enhances values, duration and efficiency of potions.

You can brew a total of 7 potions with the Cauldron:

Potion Effect
Health Potion Recovers 100hp (200hp with Sorceress' Hat).
Turtle Potion Makes you slower, but with more resistance for a short time.
Anti-gravity Potion Makes you float in the air for a few seconds.
Berserk Potion Consumes half of your current life, but doubles your attack.
Cloning Potion Creates a clone of yourself in front of you!
P Potion Various effects.
X Potion Transports you to a dimension where you battle yourself.
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